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Effective Backlink Building In 2017

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A backlink is generated when an external site links to your website. That is why they are also known as external backlinks. These backlinks are a huge part of the ranking mystery.
Building backlinks are one of an essential part of any successful digital marketing & SEO campaign. Today effective link building is a big challenge for SEOs and many marketers because effective link building efforts can be very frustrating, intimidating process & sometimes even an odd job.

Rules for Building Quality Backlinks

To make your website’s organic traffic mount every month you can follow these rules:
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1. Keep It Relevant

For effective link acquisition, relevancy is the very important criteria.
The three things on which Google bases the relevancy are:

  • The theme of the linking domain that is the general content.
  • Linking page’s content.
  • Backlinks’ relevancy, which is hitting the linking domain.

2. Make Authority Websites your Friend

The stronger the website, better is the outcome.

3. Concentrate on Real Websites

Solidify your website by getting backlinks from the websites who have real traffic. These are the toughest links to obtain, however, on the other hand, are the most rewarding one.

4. Intelligently Distribute your Anchor Text

Recklessly distributing backlink anchor text can harm you twofold. Primary, distributing incorrect anchor text will repress your site from positioning. Final, destructive anchor text can even land your website a penalty. Keep your precise match anchor text lower than 1% as a common rule of thumb. Most of your anchor text should be naked or branded link anchors.
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5. Allow your Backlinks Exist in Clean Vicinity

Center your efforts on acquiring backlinks from high standard websites. If the websites are linking out to scammy business, then eradicate your link from there.

Check every potential website & inquire about them to which sites they are linking out to, outbound links are relevant or not, outbound links are pointing to trusted sites or not.
Avoid the website that doesn’t have relevant outbound links, & is not pointing to the trusted sites.

Build fewer Backlinks & Obtain Better Outcome

As link acquisition is time-consuming & costly. So to overcome these two problems you must figure out how to get the most out of each backlink.
To accomplish you must have:

  • A technically optimized website.
  • A sturdy site architecture.
  • Valuable & relevant content.

1. Fix All Technical Errors

User experience gets hurt by technical errors. Google restricts the growth of organic traffic of a website when it hurt the user’s experience. Ensure that your website is technically optimized, which is an essential part of the SEO puzzle.
The following are the technical issues that you must look for:

  • Loading speed of the site
  • Mobile friendliness of the site
  • Content Duplication
  • Redirect chains
  • 302 redirects
  • Duplicate META data
  • Canonical errors
  • 404 errors
  • Wrong utilization of directives

Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool can be used to find most of these technical issues, for example, redirect chains, 302 redirects, duplicate META data, canonical errors, 404 errors & wrong utilization of directives.

2. Develop a Sturdy Site Architecture

Link equity depends upon your site architecture. Your website architecture is the one that shows how link equity get distributed throughout your website.

You will need fewer backlinks if your site architecture is better.

3. Create Valuable & Relevant Content

Your website content is the very last & most essential part of the SEO. If you don’t have a solid content strategy, then it can smash your SEO campaign.
It doesn’t make any difference how many links you acquire & how well you optimize your website. If you don’t get serious about your content, it will eventually break your SEO campaign.

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