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Benefits Of SEO Press Release

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The right news release can help greatly in promoting any business & any website. And the press release is one of the most effective high quality white hat techniques of SEO to distribute web content outside of your website, blog, social media & email. It is a great promotional means that can truly help you in boosting your business’s online reputation.

Optimizing your press releases for search engines is an assured way that helps in building a sturdy online marketing campaign. Optimized press release is a superior asset for communicating content & attracting traffic to your website. It is one of the best ways of getting quality backlinks.

A well-written press release is the one that include embedded links to the key web pages of your website. You will automatically have a potent set of backlinks to your website when it is distributed via a press release distribution service. It is posted on several third-party blogs & websites to elevate your website visibility.

These days’ press releases provide more indirect value than direct value in SEO world. We get direct value when the press release URL itself ranks in SERPs. Indirect value is the real gold of a press release. If your press release is eloquent, unique, attention-grabbing & valuable then media outlet, newspaper or other blog will most likely pick it up that will get golden link, citation, mention, referral traffic, buzz for your business.

What Are the Benefits of a Press Release?

Marketing & Advertising Benefits

Optimized press releases are frequently highlighted as the top news stories for several days in news search engines for the given keyword or industry. This can bring about a considerable number of page views & generate a temporary traffic burst for your website. SEO press releases provide a potentially much greater return on investment (ROI) than the ROI of marketing campaigns that rely exclusively on pay-per-click advertising or banner ads.

  • Brand Building

  • Press release bestows unmatched legitimacy on your products or services when media, websites or search engines display them, which traditional marketing or advertising simply can’t give. Press release campaigns help in building credibility for your brand by linking it with objective, popular, & entrenched sources of information.
    Each marketing campaign does their best to form a link in their customer’s mind between their needs & its brand. SEO press release creates more valuable customer-initiated relevancy. A user who discovers your press release after searching for a particular keyword online has dynamically connected his or her interests to your brand. Online press releases are an advantageous organic method of brand building

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  • SEO Benefits

The optimized press release service offered numerous significant SEO benefits:

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  • An SEO press release can help you in achieving higher search engine rankings for your website for its most fundamental keywords
  • An SEO press release can enhance your website’s popularity by getting inbound links from blogs, news sources & other social media sites.
  • An SEO press release remains indexed on search engines even after your news story faded that help in raising your website visibility and its products or services.
  • An SEO press release can feature audio, graphics, video files & other multimedia materials for advanced Internet marketing campaigns.
  • When your marketing campaign proceeds, you can use analytics to analyze statistical information about your optimized press releases that enables you to communicate better with your target audience to understand them.
  • Best Practices to Avoid Press Release SEO Penalties:

    To avoid Google penalties for unnatural links & to optimize press releases, do follow these practices

  • Include Fewer Links

  • Limit to one or two backlinks to your websites for all upcoming press releases. You can use links merely as calls-to-action for the user so that they do visit your website or learn more.

  • Vary Anchor Text

Do not incorporate keywords as your link anchor text. Instead, use your brand or company name as anchor text or use more standard natural language anchor text.

  • Use No Follow Links

  • You can effectively notify Google to pay no attention to the links in your press releases by adding rel=”nofollow” to your press release link. These links will still work, but the search engines will not count them as part of your SEO authority.

  • Check with Press Release Vendors:

  • A press release distribution service helps you to get your announcement in front of prominent press contacts & bloggers. Check your vendor are also using only one or two no follow links, if you are using a press release distribution service.

  • Consider Removing or Disavowing Old Links:

To prevent your SEO status from getting harmed it may be beneficial to remove links to your website on tons of old press releases that are excessively optimized for SEO.

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