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Infographics Importance for SEO


Have you heard about the color psychology? Well human beings are attracted to images & colors impetuously. Flooding a website with plenty of information will lose you a customer particularly in e-commerce business.

If you truly want to make your landing webpage eye-catching, then use infographics. This will help you in retaining your customers & prevent them from switching to any other site after finding your stuff mind-numbing. Now the question arises what is infographics and how it is important to SEO.

Infographics are visuals that represent your web content in the most colorful, easy & understandable way.To engage & inform the audience simultaneously, it makes use of colorful diagrams. An elegant graphic creates a sense of propinquity, signifying that the information is both important as well as easy to understand. They are more liable to go viral than text alone & thus convenient to share online.

With the help of embedding you can post infographics on social media sites.   The embedded infographic can be impeccably displayed on the social media, while clicking the image will quickly create more traffic by linking back to the host site.

You can successfully boost your web traffic by spreading the infographics throughout the social media.

Can Promoting Infographics Help SEO?

Nowadays creative & effective infographics have become the requirement of the online marketers to promote businesses. Even though reposting infographic is not an assured way to optimize the web searches, infographic submission sites can help you in building an audience beyond the reach of social media.  These infographic sites are used as directories for selected infographics.  The directories try to present the top-notch & boost your SEO for the infographic host sites. Infographic creators rewrite the titles & descriptions for each directory submission to boost their SEO with the intention that they will differ from the text on the host site.

Benefits of Infographic to SEO:

  • Make the ranking process easier

With infographic you don’t have to be restricted to the default text search only. Infographics get your webpage listed in the image search of search engines. The people can find you on two lists instead of just one because the Google image search is as powerful as the text search.

As compared to text search, the image database is generally smaller. It means that you can automatically place yourself in a better position by using infographics. You would have the best chance of doing well in the search engine, if the images on your web pages are relevant.

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  • Benefit by social interaction

By using infographic you can gain visual recognition with your probable viewer. This can lead to interaction which in turns leads to better rankings. You can give your audience something to talk about as a part of that interaction, which is really imperative for a well-constructed infographic.

The major search engines are continually determining the relevance of your web content through the human reaction to it. Colorful images make certain that more people interact with the web content. Using them frequently keeps things interesting. They also simplify & make it easy to compress what otherwise might be extremely complex information by reducing irrelevant details & extracting the essential facts into an easy-to-understand format.

Your infographics are likely to be shared on social media, if they are relevant & informative.

The human interaction thrusts your web content up in the search engine listings. It also delivers you more organic click-through that will improve your ranking even more in the long run.

  • Gain the ability to use more tags

You can tag pictures easily as any other content if you want to elevate the count of a certain keyword in your webpage.

Google & the other major search engines will recognize this as a justifiable use of your keyword & associate it with your web page more readily. Your search ranking goes higher when your page connects with a keyword more easily.

Thus use infographics to gain credibility with the major search engines & your audience. With infographics your content is found more easily by the people, & it can help you in improving your overall online marketing ROI.

Manmohan Kumar