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Crowdfire Review – The Marketing Assistant

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This one goes out to all you bloggers. From the time you upload a new post, there’s an anticipation that ensues. You want that article to get a number of hits and take your blog to new heights. However, anticipation has never helped anyone to achieve the desired result. And that’s why we need internet marketing.

We can either spend time and endeavor in first learning and then in attempting marketing, or we can hire a professional to do the marketing for us. Bottom line: marketing is not easy and simple. So what do we do?

Well, the answer is Artificial Intelligence.

All companies using Artificial Intelligence are leaps ahead of their competition, so why not bring it to the marketing?

If the thought of using Artificial Intelligence – powered marketing excited you, you have got to try out Crowdfire. This one is the popular social media marketing application that has over 15 million users recently updated a revamped version of their application. The new Crowdfire is powered by an AI bot that analyzes millions of online data points to develop marketing tasks that take only 5 – 6 minutes to complete.

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What’s more, as you make the use of this application consistently you train it to understand your business better. Take a quick look at some of the most powerful features of this app:


These are basically customized marketing tasks that the Artificial Intelligence – powered bot develops especially for you based on the information you provide and its own intelligence.

Report Card:

This provides you a quick look at your social media statistics of the previous day.


An Instagram and Twitter scheduler that tells you when your followers are most likely to be online. So you can upload your article at the right time and get higher engagement.

Copy Followers:

This helps you connect with the followers of your competitors.

Keyword Follow:

This one helps you search and connect with people who have the same interests as you.

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For example, If you want to know and find out who’s talking about Pokemon Go, you can simple use #PokemonGo and you will get a list of people who are talking about it.


This tells you who your most loyal followers are so you can give some love back to them.


This provides you with a list of specially selected tweets for you to favorite so that you can subtly make a connection with people in your industry.

Content Recommendation:

Provides you a list of relevant links to share with your followers

Auto DM:

This helps you start a conversation with your followers by sending a direct message to every new follower.

Recent Unfollowers and Non-Followers:

This helps you find out who doesn’t follow you back.


This helps you in finding out the people who follow you but whom you don’t follow.

These are just a few of the many features that Crowdfire offers. Plus, there are a lot more on the way!

When it comes to your work, you can select to toy around marketing traditionally, or you can select Crowdfire. Isn’t getting success is the sum of our choices?

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Manmohan Kumar