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Merry Christmas

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Christmas is the highlight of the year for many families, when everyone in the family congregates around the ornately decorated tree bathed in festive lighting. You can simply forget about your everyday worries when your children’s eyes light up as they admire their presents. Christmas has an inimitable magical charm over the world. When the days get shorter & colder & you can feel the approaching wintertime, many people calm themselves about the last very few warm autumn days coming to an ending by thinking about the imminent Christmas.

But why is Christmas so momentous for the majority of people, particularly in the western world? Is it religion, tradition, or are there any other reasons?
Christmas is the festival of immense importance for the Christians, though it is also celebrated by the people of other religious conviction. It is celebrated every year in the winter season on 25 December with great enthusiasm, joy, and happiness like other festivals all over the world. Christmas Day is being celebrated as the anniversary of the Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was born to the Joseph and Mother Mary in the Bethlehem on the 25th of December. It is believed that Jesus Christ – the Son of God was sent to the earth to save people lives & protect them from their sins & sadness. Christian celebrates this festive eve of Christmas to memorize the great works of the Jesus & give lots of love and respect. Children wait for this eve very eagerly as they get lots of chocolates & gifts.

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All the houses & churches are white washed, cleaned, & decorated with lots of colorful light, flowers, candles, sceneries and other decorative things. Everyone get together, whether they are poor or rich & enjoy this festive eve with great enthusiasm. On this day people make an elaborately decorated Christmas tree in the mid of their home. They decorate it with gift items, electric lights, colorful flowers, balloons, toys, green leaves and other decorative materials. The Christmas tree looks very eye-catching & beautiful on this eve. People invite their relatives, friends, and neighbors to join them & gather together around the ornately decorated tree bathed in festive lighting. People count their blessings, sing Christmas carols, and make a wish under this Christmas tree.

Christian prays to their Lord Jesus & confesses in front of him about their sufferings & sins. They sing holy songs in the praises of their Lord Jesus. Afterward, they distribute Christmas presents to their children & guests. Everyone gets involved in this huge celebration of Christmas feast & eat delicious ceremonial dinner with their family & friends. People give beautiful Christmas cards or greetings to their friends and relatives. Christmas is also celebrated in the schools or colleges on 24th of December, a day before Christmas; the students go to their school wearing a Christmas cap or Santa dress.

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Whenever you celebrate this great Christmas festival, just remember that you are celebrating a true event that took place about 2000 years ago, when God sent his Son as a Christmas present for everyone into the world!
Even though you are not a Christian, we all can relish the spirit of giving which is really this season is all about.
The spirit of giving, expressing gratitude & love & commemoration of life help to make Christmas a very startling time of year.

We would like to wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! This time of year is a really wonderful & magical one. Celebrate it with a beautiful spirit and traditions. Put the gadgets to one side and take some time to recharge your batteries up and enjoy the holidays with family & friends.

Manmohan Kumar