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Impact of Technology On Younger Generation

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At 23 years old, it’s my 1st blog so I’ve lived only a small part of my life, but if I had to identify one item that has changed most during the years, it would be how technology has changed and evolved the world. It seems crazy that one industry can have such a spectacular effect on the entire lifestyle of a society, but there is no doubt that technology has advanced and its power and governance in our lives has grown, it has ultimately changed the way we live.

The word Technology seems very simple but its meaning contains so much depth. I will tell you in a very simple way that technology is just the collection of skills, methods, techniques, and processes which are used in the production of goods or services or in the achievement of goals. Not surprisingly, younger generations are heavily influenced by technology. In Today’s world, the development of younger generations greatly affected by technology, it changes the experience of childhood not just socially, but also in both cultural and economical aspects.

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Today,70% of children between the age group of 2 to 5 can control a laptop mouse, but only 11% of them can tie their shoes. You know what only half of the all school classrooms had Internet access at the start of 21st century, and today the calculation has reached at 98%.

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You might not understand the whole things your cell phone can do, even after reading the guidebook, but a teenager can find it out without the guidebook in less than an hour. Technology is a common fact in their lives, and they are fearless about experimenting and pushing buttons. Where older people fear they’ll either change the settings beyond repair or crack something, the younger generation understands that everything can be put back the way it was quite easy. Technology doesn’t scare them. The term Internet means convenience. You know on behalf of my personal experience I can say that the Internet is the solution of almost each and every problem.

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Technology or Internet:

It can help with homework, revision, coursework and essays. In a world of knowledge at their fingertips the internet is an amazing place to research many topics. I think the first thing which I felt and I would share with you is that the new generation is a generation that desires to change the world, and they feel powerful to do so. Sometimes they just don’t have the practical information or the real-life skills to perform that in an active way. They know how to strap up and use technological resources to get a wide-ranging audience for their concerns. What we can do for them is maybe teaching them how to do the real-life hard work.

I Think that we need technology, but we do not need to use it every time otherwise people would be so bind up in texting or emailing friends that no one would have time to see them.

So, in conclusion, I would like to say that Technology is not harmful for anyone, not even for children, in fact with the help of technology they are growing better. It’s not wrong if I say that now our children are graduating with technology. … Thanks to technology.

Manmohan Kumar