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4 Top Google AdWords Tips

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Googles AdWords is one of the most famous methods of conducting pay per click i.e PPC campaigns by digital marketing professionals. The Google service allows bids to be placed on promoting space on the world’s most frequently used search engine, with different amounts paid according to the key phrase used.

Refining a PPC campaign using Google AdWords mostly takes a few weeks of testing, and might deliver some hit and miss results. So to help you along the way, here are four top tips when it comes to Google AdWords:

1. Be ultra specific

The upside of Google AdWords over other advertising mediums – radio and TV, for instance – is that it allows you to get ultra specific. You can target an audience looking for a specific term, or that visits a particular website. Ensure that you are utilizing all the refinement options to your benefit.

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2. Carefully consider including the key phrase in your copy

Regardless of whether to include the key phrase your bid is attached to in the copy of your ad warrants careful consideration. Have a look at the neighboring advertisements when yours goes live: do they all utilize the same key phrase? If so, you might pick to omit it from yours. If the opposite is the case, why not go for it? If your key phrase is, just for example ‘coffee subscription’, this world will automatically be made bold by Google in the promotions that surround the search results.

3. Divide your ad groups and campaigns

Google AdWords allows for good companies of multiple advertisements by splitting them up into easy to mange ad campaigns and groups. What you shouldn’t do is begin cramming hundreds of keywords into the same advertisement and ad group – ensure you get organized!

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4. Negative keywords are important

Google AdWords allows us to enter negative keywords, which consequently disregard a certain group which is searching for an irrelevant phrase.This is important to make your campaigns are targeted to their full potential. For instance, if you are selling ‘ motor bikes’, you will more than likely want to include ‘mountain bikes’ as a negative keywords.

If you require help with your AdWords campaign, get in touch, we’d be happy to help.

Manmohan Kumar