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Christmas Festival


Every year Christmas Festival falls on 25th day of December and commemorates the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, the central personality of Christianity. Christian community over the world celebrates Christmas with joy, faith, and enthusiasm. Celebrations for Christmas start on the eve of Christmas on 24th December and carry on until New Year’s Day. Throughout this whole period, people make merry, party with friends and swap season’s greetings and gifts with beloved ones. The high point of Christmas festival celebrations comprises decoration of Christmas tree, carols, Christmas cakes and the jolly old Santa Claus – the legendary character who carries gifts for children.

Christmas serves as a catalyst for a happy and wonderful life. We get time to experience the untold beauty of the day with friends and family. People in several places celebrate Christmas in different ways, but there are some customs and traditions which are common across the world, which might include exchanging sweets and gifts, decorating houses with bright lights and spending time with friends and family. Customs differ around the world for observing Christmas, but they all center on celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Thus, all around the world, people have taken the celebration of the birth of Jesus and made a Christmas that fits with the culture of their own country.
Christmas is a cheerful, celebratory time filled with enormous spiritual significance. Caroling, feasting, and gift giving along with the prayers and wishes – the Christmas is celebrated with high spirits all over the world. Though the mode of celebration, the dates, and the traditions vary, the main spirit remains the same everywhere.

Origin of Christmas Festival
The word ‘Christmas’ comes from “Christ’s Mass” or “Cristes Maesse”. Historians claim that Christmas festival was first celebrated in Rome circa 336 AD. There was a controversy in the early times on the date of Christmas celebrations as the exact date of Christ’s birth was not known. But in 336 AD, Christian leaders fixed the Christmas date to 25 December. This date was generally an attempt to eclipse Saturnalia – a well-liked pagan holiday in Rome that celebrated the winter solstice. Gradually, the 25th December got acceptance from the western world and later even eastern churches started celebrating Christmas say on 25th December.

Christmas Festival Traditions
Christmas festival centers on different popular traditions. Adding age-old traditions to your Christmas traditions assist you to enjoy the festival to the fullest. The most well-liked tradition of decorating a Christmas tree is followed with great excitement by people across the world. In many countries, people decorate non-natural spruce trees to maintain alive the spirit of the tradition. Homes are decorated with propitious mistletoe, lights, and display of nativity scenes.

Christmas is extremely enjoyed by young children as it brings along winter holidays and time to perform some conventional activities. They keenly contribute to cleanliness and decoration of their house. Children act very nicely to make their favorite Santa Claus, pleased who brings gifts for them. Christians actively contribute to midnight Christmas Mass and the joyous Christmas carnival. Christmas evening is the time to enjoy some traditional Christmas food, mainly the Christmas cake. A tradition of singing Christmas carols and songs is also experienced with dedication and faith.

Celebrations for Christmas Festival
Celebrations for Christmas Festival

Festive air pervades all over when Christmas is near. It is celebrated with gusto and high spirits. Though the way of celebrating Christmas differs in different nations the fervor and enthusiasm remain the same. Caroling, feasting, and gift-giving are the main elements of a perfect Christmas celebration. Christmas preparations start many days before the festival. Streets, markets, homes, and churches are decorated with colorful lights and decorated with nativity scenes, artificial snow and Christmas trees. Pubs, restaurants, discotheques, party halls and even beaches are thronged by people at the time of Christmas. These celebrations are increased with multiple fireworks and other festivities. It is celebrated with tremendous joy and mirth all around. Merry-making with family and friends is the important part of the Christmas fiesta. Some people go to their native place, stay at the house or indulge in lavish balls and enjoy the get-together with their loved ones.
These days workplaces also hold exclusive theme parties. It provides people a chance to dress in their best. Nowadays, many Christian schools perform nativity plays and hold Christmas parties. Sumptuous snacks also form an essential part of Christmas celebrations. People spend most of the time preparing their special Christmas delicacies. People are in the fun and frolic mood, mainly children as they get gifts from their loved Santa Claus. From the beginning of December, people begin planning the way they would be celebrating this propitious day, with their friends and family. Shop vendor decorates their shop as wonderfully as they can entice customers to their shop to buy gifts and flowers. And it does actually hard-hitting to decide on the kind of gift you should buy so as to bring enthusiasm and a smile on the face of the one you are going to gift it. Following are a few points you have to keep in mind while you are going to buy a gift:

  • You must first decide on the shopping place, from where you should buy gifts, as there are a large number of shops which will be offering gifts.
  • Besides, the shop from where you are going to buy a gift, you must also be very clear on, to whom you are going to gift it. Whether the gift is for a friend or a family member or you are going to gift it to your boss or colleague.
  • You can even plan a homemade gift which will help you save your money, though you need to spend some more time on a homemade gift.

Delight your dear ones with surprising Christmas gifts! We wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! We wish Santa Claus brings you the gift of forever happiness this Christmas! May your family and you be blessed abundantly!

Manmohan Kumar