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Top WordPress Plugins

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Looking for the best WordPress plugins that are used by some of the popular bloggers in the world? Then, this is the article for you.

Here, we have selected some of the best WordPress plugins for your blog which will provide your users a good experience and also makes your daily life much easier.

Login Lockdown

As we all know, WordPress allows you to do login attempts as many times as you want. So, hackers may try to hack your blog by using various types of script entering different combinations until your website cracks.
In order to inhibit this, you can limit the number of failed login attempts per user. Like, you can set the login attempt for a particular user to 3.
So, if there are 3 failed login attempts, then your website blocks their IP for few minutes as per your settings. You can make it to 6 minutes, 12 minutes or 24 hours, how much longer you want.

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P3 – Plugin for Performance Profiler

This plugin examines the information on all of the plugins installed in your WordPress website. Then it also reports, measures their impact on the loading time of your website.
You can check the loading time of your website using tools like Pingdom or any other website speed checker tool available.
Finally, you will notice that your website will be loading very fast.

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Have you ever thought of transferring or Backing Up your entire blog from one host to another?
This Duplicator plugin would allow you to do that. It can move, transfer, back up and duplicate your entire blog very easily.
Very useful for administrators who are looking to back up their blog.
If you want to create a clone of any website for testing purposes, then this plugin allows you to backup your entire blog for just testing purposes.

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Slide Deck 2

Slide Deck 2 is responsive plugin with very simple to use slider plugins that provides various slider types including Images, HTML, videos and text.
Each slider can be unique or mix of various types of content. It includes multiple captions and layouts.
The Slide Deck 2 offers drop and drag feature for the slides that works better with Sleek Live Preview. It provides right in the customer’s UI.

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Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator is one of the best plugins if you wan to track your visitors without Google Analytics account.
You can also include JavaScript code that allows Google Analytics to sign in to you site.
There are various widgets available in this plugin which analyzes the information and it will be shown on your admin page in your blog.

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Disqus is the best third party commenting system plugin for the WordPress websites.
It offers you with various login options including Google, OpenID, Twitter, Yahoo and Facebook.
Also, you can simply log in to the Disqus account or simply drop a comment with your email id and name.

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As the name suggests, Polylang helps you develop a multi-language blog with an easy set up of 40 various languages around the world.
The most essential feature is you can include your own language whenever it is required.
It also allows you to add various variants of languages like French, Hindi, English etc.
Moreover, this plugin has the capability to make single WordPress installation working fully as a multilingual website.

Sucuri – Security

Sucuri is a must have plugin for every WordPress user.
It is an excellent security plugin to inhibit your blogs from hacker’s attacks.
Any blog on the internet is prone and vulnerable to hacking and attacks from malicious programs.
So as we know protection is always better than cure, Sucuri provides real time alerts, malware removal services and website security scanner.

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Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the best and a very powerful plug that completey optimize your website.
So, it is not just a simple plugin, but a complete all in one package for your WordPress website.
Yoast SEO not only allows you to add Meta description and title, but also allows you to add open graph metadata.
You can also analyze publishing XML sitemap, page score by making the use of this plugin. This will surely help you to boost your SEO efforts.

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Ultimate Branding

If you know nothing about coding and like to change your admin bar, then this WordPress plugin could come very handy.
By making the use of Ultimate WordPress Branding, you can easily change WordPress brand references to your own logo or brand.
Ulimate Branding plugin would allow you to make your brand more famous and popular.
It will assist you to drive more traffic coming on to your website.

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