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If you have been thinking of creating your own website for taking the advantages of this powerful world of internet & want other people see your website, but don’t how to do it, then this article is meant for you. If you want to make your website available to the people globally then you have to publish it with the help of web hosting. When you create a website, it is composed of web pages having text, videos, images, links & other content for people to attract or see them.

However, people can see your website only when it is accessible on the internet. To make your website available on the internet, you need web hosting services. Web hosting services work by storing your website files & contents in high powered computers connected to a very fast network & these computers are known as web servers. It delivers or serves the content of your website to the users with the help of the internet. The computer which operates as a server has to have very high provisions & has to connect to the internet through a very powerful link.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the business of serving, transferring & storing the files of one or more websites. Any person or company who own or rent the web space for web hosting is called a web host. Some web hosts do not own servers but rent a server from any large web hosting company & then resell the space under their own trade name but the largest web hosting companies have their own data center, means a group of servers, where they can host millions of websites. Many other products & services are also provided by them such as domain name registration which is important for website hosting.

Domain Name Registration

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Domain Name Registration is very important for a website so that your website can be easily found on the internet. It is your company’s internet address; the same way your company’s street address, a domain name is used to get your website. Just keep this mind, choose a domain name that’s relevant & memorable, such as it is tacky to tell your friends or clients “Hey, my website is sited at 198.276.354.123/~ MK TechSoft/” instead of “MK TechSoft.com” You can see how, without a domain, having a site or hosting is impractical.

Now we will see the types of web hosting. It does totally depend upon the size & the scope of your website that what type of hosting you need. The types are: – Shared web hosting, cloud hosting & dedicated hosting.

Shared Web Hosting

Web Hosting

It is the most common, easiest, simplest but not more flexible type of web hosting, to start out on. It is a service where one server is shared by several clients. This type of hosting is good for small, static or a personal website to fulfill their needs without paying much.

Cloud Hosting

Best Web Hosting

In cloud hosting, servers still share the services with other cloud servers, but special virtualization technology divide the physical hardware, therefore each & every cloud server has its own dedicated resources & can be configured almost like a fully dedicated server. The numerous servers acting like a single system.

Dedicated Hosting

In a dedicated hosting environment, the entire web server is dedicated to you. This allocates for faster performance, as you have all the server’s resources absolutely, without sharing with other website owners. Though, this type of website hosting service is most appropriate for websites that get & attract higher traffic, it also means that they will be responsible for the entire cost because it’s expensive than other hosting types.

The type of web hosting is utterly depends upon what sort of website you want to create. Now we will see where you will get all the best & cost-effective web hosting services

Dreamhost Award Winning Web Hosting Services Provider

I’ll suggest you Dreamhost for web hosting. Dreamhost is the most dynamic web hosting & admired among people for content posting blogs. Several web hosts are owned & controlled by the Dreamhost dedication servers. It has amazing technical supports to helping clients at any time (24/7) to make them happy. Some worthy features of Dreamhost are given below:

  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited disk space
  • unlimited hosted domains
  • 97 days of money back guarantee

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Top Web Hosting

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