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Know The Difference Between Domain Name And Web Hosting

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To provide the services of your business online you need a website with the help of which you can sell your services to the viewers and get your business famous all along the whole world. To show the website you need a name of your website as a domain name so that user can go for your website and to save the data of the website you need a vacant space which you can call a web hosting.

Domain name and webhosting are different not only in words but in meaning and significant also. They both work simultaneously that means if you have your domain name but not web hosting then, your domain name will not work and if you have webhosting then, domain name will don’t do anything.
Through my blog I will make you clear the difference between the webhosting and domain name.

Domain Name:

Domain is a recognition of your business or we can say that domain>is the actual and memorable name of your business or website, that helps the users and customers to know about your business and what kind of services you provide. Domain name behave as your website address because to go for your website, the user must have the address of your website so that they can visit it easily. Having domain name does not mean that you website will be created automatically. You can copyright your domain name so that no one can use your business name as his business name. To establish your business firstly you need to have a website then name of website and then host for your website so that your website can be visible through the web. Using a single domain name you can register only a single website. To get the domain, you need to pay monthly or yearly charges as per your plan and packages.

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Web Hosting:

Web hosting acts as a database for your website that stores all the files of your website easily. In your hosting, the whole data like pages of your website, content of your website, images and videos of your website can be stored. Suppose you want to move your domain name from one name to another then you can easily access your website data through your webhosting. For this, it’s always in best interest to back up your data or you can do your back up weekly or monthly as per your choice. Also, you can store the data of multiple website’s domains in a web hosting.

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At the end we can say that web hosting and domain name is different but interrelated terms. Like if the web hosting is available but you don’t have web domain then users will not come to know about your business and if the web domain is available but you don’t have webhosting then user cannot get your services and data that you want to show to your customers.

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