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BlueHost- Shared Hosting Solutions

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There are a large number of alternatives of web hosting services and solutions you can opt from. Blue host is one of the most popular premier shared hosting solutions for websites, email, domain names, SEO marketing, ecommerce, & more.

Numerous websites all around the world from miniature to intermediate scales are hosted with Bluehost web hosting services. Bluehost hosting service has larger market share as compared to other hosting brand name, for example Justhost, Hostmonster, from the same hosting company who possess Bluehost, the EIG in the overseas hosting market.

The main goal of Blue host is to constantly provide industry-leading service at the best likely price. To stay forward of the pack they relentlessly innovate, upgrade, and improve their services at no extra cost to their clients. Bluehost will help you discover the solution to create a quality, productive online presence.

More than one million websites owners trust Bluehost to guarantee their websites run professionally on Bluehost secure, proficiently monitored Linux servers.

What will be the pros and cons of choosing Blue Host as a host for your business websites? These are explained below:

It is not only the price which brings Bluehost the huge success in the market but its performance is unbeatable.

Pros of Bluehost shared hosting solutions:

  • Fast web hosting servers:

Blue host’s faster server speed and website loading is an additional advantage. You can access their web servers from anywhere in the world with decent speed. You can recognize the Bluehost favicon quite easily.

  • Good customer support

While choosing a web hosting company you should look for tech support as it is very important. You can choose Bluehost hassle free as your web hosting service provider as its cPanel , the hosting control is very intuitive to use. Its excellent stable server performance offers outstanding customer support in a friendly and immediate manner.

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  • Makes it easy to manage and set up web pages

You need not to be anxious about using Bluehost shared hosting service since it is super easy to operate. You do not need any experience to use this shared hosting service. Bluehost shared hosting service does the setting up of a shared server for its providers as well as install and upgrade all of the necessary software.

Bluehost monitor the shared servers as part of their management plans to avoid downtime. They ensure server safety and web site uptime by fixing all the security issues. The user only has to mandatory added their website and domains to the Bluehost server. The shared hosting user is needed to manage their own stuff by using the provided hosting control panel. Bluehost will set up your shared hosting account instantly and allows you to start using their shared hosting service instantaneously once you made the payment.

  • Web host at a lower cost

Bluehost shared web hosting server provides the cheapest hosting server solutions. As you will host and run your websites together with others on one server that will leads to the trimming of the hosting expenses. You’ll be actually paying for a small portion of the entire server cost by paying for a shared hosting service. This makes shared hosting service appropriate for small to medium websites. It also offers free domain name registration for your business.

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  • Good Security Options

Bluehost provide good security options by offering tools that fight with some of the most widespread website risks. They prevent people from stealing your images or content by offering hot link protection.

So, these are the main advantages you get when you go with Bluehost.

Some of the cons of blue hosting

  • Shortage of bandwidth resources and fewer servers

Shared web hosting services subjects your websites and domains to the same server with other hosting accounts. Unlike dedicated hosting servers this results in operating with less server and limited bandwidth resources. That is why most of the web masters tend to shift to dedicated server once their web pages become popular as they allow faster access and stable performance.

  • Site Migrations Aren’t Free

Most of the hosting providers help you to move an existing site from its current location to their service. But Bluehost charge a migration fee and they will not transfer more than20 email accounts and 5 sites.

  •    Not Truly ‘UNLIMITED’

Many hosting providers show off unlimited hosting, which certainly isn’t the complete truth. Bluehost too does not provide unlimited services.

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