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Why Good Design Matters in Website

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If you are just starting out your own business or looking for a redesign of your company’s website to improve productivity and profit. But one thing to note here is that SEO often comes into conflict with website design or you can say redesign.

However, there are many free website solutions are available but that doesn’t provide satisfactory solutions. Thanks to web designers who professionally balance between web design and SEO. So here I am going to describe important things that you need to remember when designing your new site or redesigning the old one.

Know your audience

If the audience is tree huggers, they are not going to react to slick, corporate site. It is just similar to wearing a suit to an interview for a position of pool-guy – the image doesn’t fit the purpose.

You should think from the user’s point of view. Find out their likes and dislikes. What is their age, location and other basic things that you should keep in your mind to know them clearly.

First impression makes difference

When your website is online on the internet, there are many opportunities that people are often landed on your site and they were driven to your business website just because of its content and the content is all that matters. Now let say if someone visits your website and observes that it looks confusing and terrible. Users will become very uncomfortable exploring your site because if someone is neither understood nor impressed about what you have to offer, that person will never become your customer and once your website is closed by them, they will never come back.

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KISS Method

When making a decision for new website design, go for the easy and simple over the complex. With simple web design, you can use simple flat color set for the whole site and also set a nice font for the website. You can also make the use of recent trending responsive design. This is a new technique in which design looks very good and simple and also compatible with various devices. This technique is also SEO friendly.
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Do you know that if a website cannot be crawled, it becomes invisible to the search engines. Therefore, you must update the sitemap and build your navigation text based. Doesn’t matter what some web designer might say, navigation is not the place to get funky, it’s the place to get easy and simple.
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Your business website must load with the high speed, in fact as fast as your visitors expect it to load. Actually, speed is not important, speed is everything. It’s very easy for a visitor to click back or close your website. If you have a website that opens or loads its whole content much faster than others, then more chances are there that your website gets good and high position in the search engine result pages.

Manmohan Kumar