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Influence Of Web Design On SEO

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If you think web design is a separate entity, then you are making a heavy mistake with your website and with marketing techniques. Related contents always plays a major role, hence does the design. Web design certainly an important from an anesthetic point of view. Your site’s web design must be effective to get more traffic. Your website’s web design has an impact on your internet presence as it covers SEO, traffic and conversion rate.

Function Of Web Design

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1. SEO starts with web design that will effectively enhance your search engine ranking. Keywords as an important part of SEO as they reflect what your business offers and are related to your brands. Using appropriate and effective keyword is a strategic way of rise your SEO efforts.
2. Before making sure about appropriate keyword, you need to follow keyword research. To take advantage of good web design for SEO, make sure you evaluate your keyword before using them and avoid any obstacle that come in between the clarity of your content.

3. Relationship between the web design and SEO should be long term. Trendy design is not for permanent but your online visibility will leave a long lasting impression. While creating an attractive visibility site, don’t forget to design a site that will participate to higher search ranking.


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When users open your website they instantly notice your web design. Users are probably exit sites that are slow and are out dated. This is the reason why appearance of your site takes as important. Your site must be designed in such a way that the user can use it easily. They should be able to find what they are looking for. Website navigation is not only important for users, but for search engines also. Improper web designing can have effects your search engine ranking.


The use of images is another aspect of good web design for SEO. Images should be optimized to make them load faster. The images that you are putting to your site should be relevant to your content. They should be related to the website and paired with suitable captions and titles.

Content Of SEO

Without excessive use of keywords the content of SEO should be well written. With the help of SEO specialist you can create an SEO friendly site which can attract more users towards your site and ultimately your site get more traffic.

Social Media Integration

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1. Social media endlessly to gain popularity all over the world because more people are using it to create social relationships and for sharing information. Social media platforms such as Facebook, twitters are visited frequently.
2. There are no. of users are on social media where they can find and share content. Search engines value your social media presence and with a simple click on your social media page, no. of people can access information of your product and approach you.

A well designed website, with the simpleness of navigation and proper use of images will have a positive impact on SEO. The design of your website has a major impact on your SEO efforts and your quality to get the search engine rankings. Web design affects how search engines aware your site as well as how users respond to it.

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