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Tips To Improve Alexa Rank Quickly

How To Get Website Traffic On Google
After the month of December 2013, google has shut new PR updations. And now we have some other tools like Domain Authority, MozRank, Alexa Ranking to check the quality of any blog and website. So, as a site owner or blogger, it’s very important and a serious point to improve Alexa Rank.

What is Alexa and Alexa Rank?

Alexa was established as an independent company in 1996 and was obtained by Amazon in 1999. Generally, Alexa Rank is a worldwide estimation of your website or blog’s daily traffic. Alexa keeps the track of your site visitors and provide you with global ranking, traffic data and other useful information with its toolbar.

Some of the bloggers use different kinds of tricks to improve their blog or website’s Alexa Ranking but sometimes in spite of all these efforts, we do not get good results. Here are some methods to bring in, in order to improve your website or blog Alexa Rank quickly. Click here to check your Alexa Rank.

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Here are some of the best methods and tips if you want to improve your site Alexa Rank:

Increase Quality Backlinks

The first thing to do is to create quality backlinks to your site. Now, as these quality backlinks helps in improving your site rank in the search engine result pages, a good search engine like Google can provide your site a good Alexa Rank.

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Add More Quality Contents

Write more quality and unique content for your website or blog. Try to publish a new article every day or in every 2 days. Every new article will bring more visitors and hence your site value will increase.

Download Alexa toolbar

Download Alexa toolbar and install it in your browser. This is because Alexa makes the use of this specific toolbar to keep the record and track all types of traffic coming to your blog or website. Also motivate and encourage your visitors to install this widget to their browsers.
Alexa Plugin For Your Site

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You can also add this Alexa Rank widget or plugin to your site Homepage. As with the help of this plugin, you can keep an eye on the performance of your website like count daily visitors, bounce rate, page views on your site and much more.

Remove All Bad Backlinks

You must remove all the spam links or bad backlinks to your site. As Google secretly rolls out algorithm update, you should create only quality links and remove spam or bad backlinks, if there is any. Now if you have bad backlinks, there are chances that search engines can block your some content and if the damage is big, it could be the whole site.

Write Article About Alexa

This trick is about rank improvement because sometimes, a single link can help you to improve your ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs). If you do write some good articles on Alexa and give a backlink to Alexa then you can increase and improve your blog or website’s Alexa Rank very quickly.

Increase Organic And Genuine Search

Make the use of all promotion tips and tricks to promote your website or blog on the internet. Increase your social sharing and page views of your website. This is because, every unique click will provide your website a new user and this can help you time improve your website or blog ranking.

Optimize Your Social Profiles

You should optimize your social profiles to share every old and new articles. You can make the use of social media sharing plugin to share your article or any content. Now, for example, Facebook is the number one social media site. You can create a page of your website or blog and use this page to share your new articles or any trending content. And if your post goes viral, you can get thousands of unique visitors in a single day. Googe+ is considered as the second most used social platform for SEO and content promotion. Just like these two platforms, LinkedIn and Twitter are the other very popular social media websites. Make the use of social bookmarking sites for multiple shares of your article or content.

Make Blogger Mobile Friendly

Update Your Blog Regularly

You should update your blog or website on a regular basis. As old contents are not able to drive enough traffic to your website, so every new page and post is a good way to bring more traffic to your website or blog. However, regular updates also help in SEO and gives you an extra advantage. Also, it helps your subscribers to visit and check back your website again. If they liked it, they can share your article on other social media platforms.

Make Blog Responsive

So, use these useful points and enhance your website’s Alexa Rank. do share it on Google+, Facebook and Twitter, if you liked this article.

Manmohan Kumar