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How To Get Website Referral Traffic From G+ (Google Plus)?

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Everyone does not have an audience active on Google+, the number of people who interact or connect socially with any Google products now reportedly exceeds 500 million on a monthly basis. Traffic from Google+ has started to appear significant comparison with Facebook.

The different thing about Google+ is that Google offers traders the opportunity to connect with visitors through many points, including YouTube and in search results. This means that for visitors who interact with you through Google+, the traffic channels multiply. For this mechanism to work, it requires that your visitors actually interact.

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Let’s discuss some points to increase G+ traffic:

Key #1: Take advantage of SEO benefits

Google Plus is a crazy channel if search engine optimization is something you fear about. Surely, SEO is a huge complex topic that earns its own concern but supposing you are at least somewhat conscious of its practices, there are many things you can do to make sure you are gaining the full SEO benefits from using Google Plus.

Google Plus has many SEO benefits, so take advantage of this when creating your marketing strategy

First of all –Add physical location of your business. This will put your business on the map quicker (once you get your location verified) and you can be found easier through Google search results.

Secondly – You can include keywords in your posts, the use of hashtags, and sharing posts from your website onto Google Plus are some of the other ways by which you can increase your traffic.

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Key #2: Optimize your page

With any social media platform including Google Plus, optimization is required so that your brand is visible in the best possible way to your audience. There are many ways you can optimize your page or profile for SEO benefits.

Brand aligned – Being guided by your brand strategy, your brand should describe your business like why are you in business? Are you using the appropriate graphics to communicate what you want to communicate?

Don’t forget the details –Put your complete contact information and links related to your site. Make sure your Google Plus profile or page is optimized to communicate its message in the quickest and most adequate way possible.

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Key #3: Make your posts effective so that they stand out

Another thing that makes Google Plus the coolest platform is that you can write blog with no word limit and can post images related to the blog. Posting images on Google Plus is a great way to drive attention of the users. Unlike Facebook, which changes measurement of the images we upload, Google Plus is nearer to Pinterest in its way to present vertical images that take up more room.

Key #4: Actively grow your community

Another strategy for increasing G+ traffic is that grow your friends or community. The more people you have in your community or circles, the more Google will list your posts when showing up in search results. This means that it’s not just profitless numbers – growing a community and getting engagement and not for your feel-good moments anymore, it’s actually got actual SEO benefits to it as well!

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Key #5: Engage with influencers

Google Plus is known as the place where all the people hang out. Many people are active on Google Plus and are actively looking for new people to connect with to grow their community. The most fascinating thing about Google Plus is that it’s filled with a community that blooms on collaboration. In many posts influencers are mentioned and tagged to give proper credit. And we all know that one of the best things to happen to your business is to be mentioned by one of those highly-followed and admired people. From there, you can watch your own community grow and referral traffic explode.

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