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Why WordPress Is Good For SEO?

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The Websites particularly used for marketing campaigns have based their strategies of web designing to keep up with the needs of search engines, as the ability of search engines have changed the scenery of internet perpetually. It is not a twist of fate that WordPress sits tend to rank well in Search engines. Along with a good CMS WordPress has become a great platform for a solid SEO foundation. Now a day’s WordPress is preferred by many SEO experts to improve their optimization techniques. The SEO capabilities of WordPress are becoming well-known and are also being used by many online marketing campaigns to make a good impression on search engines.
Little more about the success of WordPress is its built-in features that make it easy to customize a site especially for users with less technical knowledge. In case of update in your site, WordPress automatically inform search engines. There are many reasons why experts prefer WordPress for SEO and some major reasons are listed below:

  • Easy to customize your Meta Data

  • WordPress allows you to easily customize each page for SEO along with the default site templates. You can create unique title tags, Meta tags, Meta descriptions; either you are building a landing page or a blog post. Depending on the type of your site, you can also include custom plug-ins.

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    WordPress offers several plug-ins that allow the user to set keywords, meta tags and their description to be unique in each post. These Plug-ins allows you to customize your site so as to describe each page in a better way.

  • Boost-up Site Speed:

  • When search engine develops ranking the speed of sites is also considered as a major factor. WordPress sites have fast load time as compared to others, which can further be enhanced by using certain plug-ins. But you should know that load time can vary on the basis of templates you prefer for your websites.

  • Need not to be a Web Designer:

  • You can launch an SEO campaign much faster and with less cost because of the themes provided by the WordPress. It saves the time you spend to design your website. You don’t need a professional web developer to upload content on WordPress like with other CMS.

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  • Easy Crawling for Search Engines:

  • WordPress websites are not only easily customizable, but also have a simple link structure and framework which is shared among a number of other sites, as search engines are familiar with these sites and it is easy for a crawler to find your web pages, index them and rank them in SERP’s.

  • WordPress Site Optimization:

  • As we have understood the features of WordPress which makes it good for SEO. Now it’s time for optimizing your WordPress site. Firstly, make sure that your page has a unique title tag, Meta tag and Meta description. You should also provide the access of XML Sitemaps to the crawlers which will help your pages to index faster. You can also enhance the optimization process by using the various plug-ins, so that you will not miss any components for your site.

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    You should set your Google Analytics so as to keep track of visits and leads in your site and can improve your visit to lead ratio and you might be able to get ideas from it. If you will optimize your WordPress website, it will help you to increase the number of qualified leads from the internet.

    In the year 2009, WordPress is announced as the best blogging platform for SEO by Google. This leads the WordPress as the major tool for SEO on the web. Google itself gave highest praise to the efficiency of WordPress, so start using WordPress SEO now.

Manmohan Kumar