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How To Use Presentation Platform For Website Traffic

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Nowadays every website wants to increase their website traffic & that too profitable website traffic.
That is, a web traffic that likes you, consumes your products, devours your content, tells their friends, & comes back for more.
We can increase website traffic with the help of the SEO task such as presentation, whatever is the niche, the size of the website.
Increasing the quality and quantity website traffic is vital for every online business. It will result in:

  • more buyers for your product,
  • more clients for your services,
  • Stronger community around your business and brand.
  • more profits for you,

Many marketers are creating slide decks as a regular practice. All those slides can have some great traffic & lead whether those presentations are meant for industry or educational webinars; they have more potential beyond their originally intended use.
In fact, presentation platform is one of the most powerful marketing platforms for visual content and is a great way of getting even more traffic to your website.

But unfortunately, not many brands are using presentation platform to its fullest potential & consequently, they aren’t getting the results that many marketing experts are promising.
So use following tips to make your content primed to generate more targeted traffic & conversions easily:

  • Treat Title Slides Like Video Thumbnails

    Your title slide should be incredibly eye-catching. Your presentation can feature on the various presentation platform homepage only if your title slide has the potential, since the first thing that presentation platform users consider is your title slide. Thus, you should maximize its potential for garnering large numbers of clicks. You’ll never get clicks if your first slide fails to capture visitors’ attention because of its flatness, so treat your title slide as you would an appealing video thumbnail on YouTube. Use compelling images, bold colors & eye-catching descriptive presentation title.

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  • Leverage Guest Blogging to Get Early Exposure

    As in above tip we say to generate some immense views for your presentations you should hit the homepage of presentation platforms. It will be easier to get featured if your new presentation picks up early views. Thus, if you don’t have a huge audience to reach by means of your own blog, then leverage the power of guest blogging to generate more clicks & shares of your slideshows. Building buzz is the best way to get a new presentation on the homepage. You can also embed your slideshows like a video, & can feature a single presentation on multiple sites. This will increase the chances of generating more shares & views which will boost your chances of getting featured on homepage of presentation platforms.

  • Use Presentations as Teasers/Previews for the Full Content

    You should include a final slide that features a call-to-action for lead generation. But leveraging a call for more content is even a better method, as audiences are already primed to explore more of the content they were just viewing. Many users will be more than happy to complete a form to download your content, if you created a remarkable & high quality slideshow. It is essential to make the call-to-action clickable in your genuine presentation for lead generation, particularly when your slideshow gets embedded on another website. Your slideshow content should include enough compelling material to put its best foot forward to make the click-though valuable for your visitors.

  • Remember SEO

    When you upload a slideshow at any presentation platform, then you have the power of that domain at your disposal. As description, title, tags, comments & links impact video ranks in search results same is true for the presentation. Despite of having a less authoritative domain than YouTube, presentations still carry some serious weight in SERPs. So you should target the keywords in the slideshows you upload if you want to get found for in search.

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