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Link Building For Niche Sites

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Niche Website Definition:

The simple definition of a niche website is a website that focuses on precise information that is both useful and attractive for the audience.
A niche site is a website focused on a particular term or objective. Generally because of Google and Bing and all the other search engines this is referred to as a keyword or its term. niche sites focus on a very specific set of information or products that readers or customer is looking for. For example, a niche website normally will not have 10,000 visitors per month. If it does, this website known as authority site. An authority Site is a website that has been given a huge boost from the search engines because it has become an authority on a level. Although the subject might be a niche and very different, an authority Site is greater than a niche Site.

Of course, your niche website can always transition into an authority site and these basics that I will show you have successfully allowed me to develop my own authority Website.

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How To Build Links for Niche Sites:

Now, I will provide a little more detail on how I will be building links to the niche site.

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Blog Comment:

Blog comments need to be real. I am personally going out to relevant blogs and leaving a genuine comment that is based on what was written. These basic links will help me get some relevancy pointing to my niche site. Taking suitable links is very important. Blog comments will help increase the total number of linking base domains to my site; which is a better thing.

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Quality Web Directories:

Web directories still provide a great source for probable links. I am having my virtual assistant submit my site to several high PR directories that are free. What I can say is that you need to focus on looking for applicable directories and researching the pages you can make links on to make sure it’s worthwhile submitting.


Article Directories:

I will only be submitting a few articles to a few different directories. This used to be the old standby method for getting links from niche sites, but it’s not super effective anymore.

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Why Should you use Article marketing?

  • Generates pre- qualified targeting traffic to your site.
  • Showcase your authority
  • Produce powerful backlinks
  • Increases your page link

Forum Discussions:

Getting specified in a forums in the text of a discussion. Discussion forums are a field for people of similar quest, interests, avocations or professions congregate and discuss topics they’re all interested in.

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Web 2.0 Sites:

The Web 2.0 is same as article marketing, but different places.
Following are some blog submission sites:

  • Blog-Directory.org
  • WordPress.com
  • Blogger.com

Profile Links:

Register on websites that get a high domain authority and Page Rank can once again diversify your links and send a little authority your way.

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RSS Submission:

If you are niche site has a blog, which I highly recommend, take the feed and submit it to RSS directories.

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Though you have implied of most of these strategies above, they actually do work. If there is anything that show to work best for me, it was the blog commenting.

Manmohan Kumar