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PPC: Search Vs Display

OM Expert,
Both forms: Search and Display, provide their own values and depending on your desired results, you may discover that one over the other suits best for you, or you may need a collaboration of the two to achieve your advertising aim.
The optimum way to utilize the search and display forms is to know how to best use them to your benefit. Here, you will read about the different advantages of both search and display ads and how the combination of both these forms can enhance your digital marketing strategy.

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Nowadays, search engine marketing is a widely used technique in advertising. Basically, these are the ads that pop up in the result page of the Google, mostly either along the side or in between the first few search results.

When people see these search ads, they are at the cogitation part of the buying process. People already know what service or product they are looking for and now they are searching for most comparable options and additional suggestions. With the right and correct message, you can motivate buyers to click to your website and check out what you have to provide.

This type of pay per click (PPC) can also be expanded and enhanced to other small search engines. Google has established search partnerships with companies like AOL in order to ensure that marketers hit multiple points on the market.

SEM is one of the best technique for providing your website listing a powerful boost in search results. Though you could depend on your organic reach, paying to reach at the top might be more effective. You can also use the search form for:

  • Working with tighter budgets: This form of digital ads is good if you have a tight budget. Search ads can work out perfectly and cheaper for businesses that are just starting to really market themselves.
  • As-required/highly competitive companies: Just for example, searchers don’t have time to bother about search listings when you’re looking for a plumber. SEM might be your best friend if you have a business like this.

If you enjoy keyword hunting and like to build educated guesses about what and where your audience might be looking and searching for, then these search ads are great addon to your Adwords strategy.

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Display ads

If you can see search ads on Google’s search engine result pages i.e SERPs, then you can say that display ads are present everywhere else. Google has set up partnerships with many different websites that allow Google to broadcast a variety of banner and display ads across their websites which include famous new sites and well known websites like YouTube and other recreational sites.

Display ads are best used for brand promotion. Unlike search ads, display ads are for the users who are mostly at the awareness buying stage. They may not be shopping actively for a single service or product, but seeing your ads will increase your chances of being discovered among your targeted audience.

The most difficult facet of display ads is getting consumers to click on your ads. They are likely to be reading their favorite blog or catching up the daily news, when they see your ad. So just make sure that your ad content is compelling enough to make them click on it. This is not an easy task to achieve, but there is a lot of ad space to be found.

People who benefit the most from display ads have services or products that are:

  • In need of brand awareness: If you are looking to launch a new company then display ads can help you in getting users familiar with your logo and brand.
  • Eye-grabbing: Things like luxury cars and other items benefit the most from display ads because they allow for an image or more. In those cases, the service or product tends to sell itself.
  • Already invested in a video strategy: Display ads also include play videos. If you have already started video campaign, it’s a good chance to use it on the Google display network. Also consider YouTube advertising.

Visual services and products are the best for display ads, so use this information to compel them for your brand.

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How to use them both

Display and search ads should not be against each other. We can bring these both type of ads together and use them to the firm’s overall advantage.

As mentioned before, search ads directly focus active shoppers and display ads are the best for brand promotion. The good news is – Both these types of ads are not very expensive and fits your budget easily.

So, display ads are best for the users who are still researching the service or product you offer. The aim is to make users aware that you firm exists by showing off your product with the help of pictures or even video. And search ads enhance this process and add power to the mix to target those further down the buying process.

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