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Future Trends In Email Marketing

Online Marketing Expert

Email marketing outperforms all, including social media when it comes to statistics, conversions, and ROI generated through any marketing channel. Email will never let you down, be it in 2017 or beyond.

In 2016, we experienced an increase in the use of interactivity in emails, rise in mobile-friendly, concise, and automated emails, and a lot of emojis in subject line & preview text.

So, what is it that email marketers should look forward to in the upcoming years? Here are some Future Trends in Email Marketing:

1. Superior Segmentation:

2017 demands for something ahead of the regular profile-based segmentation. You should consider some of the factors such as what time of the day do your subscribers generally open your emails, what type of emails do they open, etc. Integrating this data with additional customer information will help you stay ahead of the lot in the coming year. Some like it when you send emails regularly while some like just a few and specific types of emails. Understanding the interest of the person you are sending an email to will help you segment better as it is the need of the hour.

2. Taking Personalization to a new level:

Personalization does little to better your image in fact; it only unmasks you as a marketer. Personalization will now improve on this basic stage. Algorithms applied to behavior of subscribers on your site will help you to find out what they are about to do next. Geo-targeting can prove its usefulness in delivering custom branding offers to subscribers. Demographic, behavioral, firmographic, and psychographic data can collectively help in building a buyer persona, a trend that is expected to pick speed in 2017. A buyer persona makes it feasible to send 1:1 automated + personalized emails. This height of personalization will take you a long way.

3. Mobile Optimization for Optimal emails

Most of the email users prefer opening their emails on mobile devices. And some of them delete an email if it doesn’t display correctly. It will thus become prototypical for email marketers to think mobile first; there is no option but to create responsive emails. The content of the email should be written with mobile users in mind. The subject line, the main copy, & the CTA- all will need to be short, crisp and to the point. CTAs must be eminent and easy to click on the mobile device.

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4. Email + Socials = A match made in heaven

Emails that have social sharing buttons can increase click-through-rates, thus, social media integration helps. Sending emails about the campaigns you run on your social channels such as Facebook can increment your marketing efforts in 2017.

Another trending way of amalgamating the two mediums is the use of live social mediafeeds into your emails. Channels such as Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook can help to add that pinch of spice through feeds about latest happenings and brilliant images. You can reach out to a broader audience this way.

5. Pictures to please the eye

Emojis and Images both help to grab attention and they will continue to do so in 2017. Make sure you use them strategically in the coming year. Observe the latest trends on social channels; it will certainly help you create emails that will get opened and clicked.

6. Bring life to Your Emails with Interactivity

Interactivity is the future of email marketing and in emails has already made a grand debut. The innovative elements make today’s emails really engaging. But apart from adding vigor, interactivity also helps to offer more content compressed in a short & user-friendly format, which in turn enhances user experience.

7. Awesome interactive elements in email that will make it big in 2017:

  • Live Shopping Cart:

Live shopping cart in emails will helps subscribers to not only remind subscribers of what they have left in their shopping cart, but also makes it simple for them to edit their cart, without leaving the inbox. You can also utilize this to remind your customers about the orders they place on a regular basis.

Online Marketing Expert

  • Countdown Timers:

A sense of hurry always leads to increase in conversions, & countdown timers work unerringly on this concept. Whether you want to remind your subscribers about the validity of an offer, or you want to create curiosity about an upcoming sale countdown timer is what you need.

  • GIF and Video:

GIFs have brought fun element to emails. In addition, they are supported across many email clients, making them the most required interactive element. Videos, although had taken a backseat in 2016 since many ESPs did not support them, are all set to make a comeback in 2017.

  • Menus, Accordions, and Flip:

Menus and accordions help you to provide all necessary information while downsizing the content. Through flip, you can exhibit a product image, tapping or clicking which will display the respective information, thus saving space.

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