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Tricks for Brand Promotion Using Social Media

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Promoting your brand on social networks is different than promoting it on radio, television or via just about any other medium. Most other mediums have a one-way broadcast kind of relationship. You just send out what you wish to send out and the audience receives it. On the other hand, social media is a two way conversation. Promoting a brand on social media networks needs a different kind of marketing strategy.

So how do you promote a brand via social media networks?

Get in the Habit of Launching Viral Campaigns

Viral marketing is like a hit or miss. Sometimes you will launch a viral campaign and it will instantly spread via your niche like wildfire. On the other hand, sometimes you will launch a viral campaign and not much will happen at all.

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Rather than placing all your dreams and hopes on one campaign, get in the habit of launching viral campaigns often. Launch one once every couple months, or once a month. Some will hit big and others will fail. By doing them often, you increase your chances of hitting the winners.

Respond to Audience Questions and Comments respond-to-comments

Brands have a bad image when it comes to responding to consumers. All too often brands treat their social media feeds a Television channel where all they do is share, instead of listen.
On social media, audeince expect to have a dialogue. You don’t need to respond to every single comment, but you should respond to every trend, every question and every concern that gets more than a few people asking.

Build Relationships With Real People

By building real relationships with people, you maximize your reach on the social sphere. If you are launching a new viral marketing campaign, you can reach out to your contacts and ask for retweets and shares. If you want to know the feedback or have questions about how your product is being received, you can reach out to real customers. If you require advice about a website redesign, you can ask for feedback.

Online Marketing Expert

The #1 Thing That Makes People Click Your Links click-your-links

How would you inspire individuals to click on your links? The best thing you can do is train your audience to open your links – by regularly publishing content that people love.
Pay more attention on your content than on marketing tactics. Rather than the most recent link-building scheme or the latest Facebook marketing app, try spending your energy and time on developing share worthy content that people would like to share with their friends. That’s the type of content that tends to take off like crazy.

Integrate Promotions With the Rest of Your Media

Your social media presence will help advertise the special offer, but it will also help collect customers. People who didn’t purchase the first time around can follow you on social media and possible purchase in the future. Your various kinds of promotional media can help make the rest of your media more effective. And when you combine all the different kinds of marketing media available to you, you give each medium an exponential boost.

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