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Why You Should Ping Your Website?

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Most of the link building efforts goes in vain just because of not getting indexed by the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Pinging website can add worth to your link building effort & your invested time. These are the online equivalent of yelling & waving a flag. These sites submits your website URL to a number of search engines, communities, directories, content aggregators & a few other places. You can index your own backlinks sources or websites with just a single click with the help of leading ping tools over the web. Pinging is the process of letting the search engines identify that there is a new update on your website.

Most of the SEOs use pinging tools or premium services to get quick indexing in major search engines. You can grasp this opportunity to make your SEO & link building effort work more efficiently & rapidly. Pinging is essential if you really want to make the most out of all the time & efforts you put into creating a new content and posts.

Ping tool speed up indexing of your website in major search engines because it radically sends a message from your website to search portals & other services for telling them that there is new content on your website, come & crawl it. That is, Pinging alerts the web crawlers that there is a most recent content in your website or blog for the audience to check out that helps your SEO efforts to a greater extent. The probability of your website getting indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines for the relevant keyword & long tail search phrases boost up, once the spiders start crawling your website. In addition to the keyword appearance, various other factors such as the quality of your content, traffic, your website reputation & the number of backlinks to your website will also determine the likelihood of your website showing up in the top SERPs.

As pinging will help search engines to find your site more rapidly, therefore regular pinging offers you a great lead over the websites with lesser pings & fewer activities. Your website will automatically drive more traffic once it gets indexed by the search engines because of regular pinging.

Whether you are trying to keep your current readers up to date, or drive more potential readers and online traffic to your website, pinging is the fastest & the easiest way to increase your website exposure.

Steps to ping your website

Pinging is a simple practice that you can accomplish within a few minutes. When you add new content or make major updates to your website, then go to a pinging website & enter your URL & a little bit of information such as the title of the newly added content, to which category does update belongs,  & the pinging service which you want to choose. Click the submit button after filling out the details. That’s it!

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But before starting pinging, note down these important things that you should know about Pinging-

  1. Use this tool only when you add new content or make major updates to your website. Extra pings don’t give benefit to your site; they could even cause your IP address gets blocked by some services.
  2. You can ping every time, whenever you add new content to your website. There is no limit.
  3. Adding fresh content to your site is a very good practice in general & you should do it at least once a week.
  4. You can ping your website when you want to indexed your newly incorporated keywords in major search engines.
  5. Use ping tool when you get a backlink from a reputed website.

Pinging will offer your website some assistance for getting filed quickly. So start using Ping Tool right now!

Manmohan Kumar