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Top 10 Internet Threats You Should Know

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Technology has become an important part of our lives & as we know that it has no boundary. And at the same time the internet has also become an essential element for us almost each & every person take the advantage of the internet. It offers a mass amount & every kind of useful information, makes communication easier & faster than ever.Whenever I stuck in any question, I used to say that the internet or Google must know this answer. But with all these benefits, it presents some threats too along the way that can harm your digital devices. And our main focus on IT students & beginners while writing this blog.

Computer Virus

Virus…I’m sure you had heard this word somewhere. Isn’t it? Virus is like a harmful worm or bacteria that harm your computers or mobiles.Virus is a malware program when executed copy itself & infect other programs resides in the system.It comes from the internet & spread by downloading files, exchanging USB devices like pen drive or CD/DVDs,
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copying files from servers, or by opening infected email attachments.

Computer Worms

A computer worm is a standalone malware program & same like a virus but it is a sub-type of virus. It copies itself from system to system but it has the capability to spread without any human action. Email worms are inclined to send their self to every email address, it finds on the infected PC.

Trojan Horse

Trojan horse is a nasty computer program which might appear harmless but enable the hacker to get into your system & steal sensitive information. Trojans can be employed by cyber-thieves & black-hat hackers trying to gain access to users’ systems.


Spyware is software that normally installed without the user’s consent with a commercial pop-up when clicked & downloaded file. Spyware can access your files or programs, read, write or delete your files. It can also transfer your all information to some other system without your consent. Trojan is a type of Spyware.
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This malware displays unwanted advertisements, mostly in the form of pop-ups & collect marketing type data about you – such as the types of websites that you visit – so that customized adverts can be displayed.


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Spam may be defined as unwanted emails. It is flooded with several replicas of the same message, for people who would not otherwise choose to accept it. Though spam is not a straight threat, it can be employ to drive different kinds of malware.


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Phishing has attempted to get the personal information such as passwords & credit card details. This is done by sending official looking emails as a look of trustworthy sender. Users of online banking & auction websites are most expected to become a target.


It is a more complicated form of phishing. Pharmers can create a fake site that looks like a genuine site, for example online bank page & redirect the traffic to that fake website & then gather the information users think it’s a real bank page.


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It is designed to record the user’s each & every keystroke that you used to create an email, message & any information that you type with the keyboard. Keylogging allows thieves to get the particular information that can be used for intellectual property theft.

Rogue security software

Rogue security software is a kind of online con that misleads users into considering there is a virus on their computer, & also manipulates them into paying for false malware elimination. Mostly it pretends as an antivirus & antispyware program.

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