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Tips To Get Traffic With Document Sharing Sites

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As the web has become an imperative part of our life and each one search web for everything they require help with. Thus, various businesses and sites want to benefit from it by ranking high on the primary page. Document sharing sites are an amazing approach to make backlinks for getting huge traffic to your site.
Nowadays lots of SEO experts are using a document sharing technique for generating back link or traffic on a website. In this you can share any document in PPT, PDF, word or in other format at large numbers of document sharing sites like mediafire, slideshare, 2shared, 4shared etc. You can rank exceptionally in the search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo etc. by submitting your keyword based articles to various document sharing sites
Document-sharing websites have high PR and thus they can be a good source of traffic. They can help you to get ranked high in the search engine result pages.

Generally, document-sharing sites are a good source of building quality backlinks for your website that can help your website to rank high in the search engines.
You can effectively build quality backlinks from the document-sharing site by considering these following effective tips:

  • Make your document simple

Always keep your document simple. You need a longer word count for the document as compare to article. You don’t need to create a lengthy document, just write at least 1000-word article for your document and submit it to document-sharing sites. It will take only 2 pages in PDF.
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  • Brand your document

By submitting your document to document-sharing sites, you can gain higher rank in the search engines & attract a number of new visitors. Thus, you have to brand your document in order that it will belong to your blog or website. Just put your website URL in the header or footer of your document & put logo of your website on the cover page to brand your document. It will make your document look more reputable & professional.

  • Give it a good & a simple cover image

Make your document visually engaging, if you want people to read it online or download it. For this you need to put a good & a simple cover image for all documents that you want to publish on document-sharing sites. It will look more interesting to read when you add a few professional graphics to your document.

  • Make your website appear more interesting than your document

You must make your website more engaging than your document so as to attract more people to visit your website. Your website should have professional-look with high quality information. The content in your website must have the same quality as of your content in the document. Your website must have countless information comparable to the one enclosed in your document.  In this fashion, you can make your website more interesting than your document. That is, if your document is one small fraction of your website, then your website itself must be a whole body. This can help in attracting enough people to visit your website.

  • Give one whole chunk of information in each document

If you really want people to read or download your document online, then you shouldn’t give partial information in your document. You must give full information in each of your document that you want to publish. Even though it is only a 1000-word document, it should be able to satisfy your readers’ curiosity & answer few vital points that they want to learn.
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As links build from document sharing sites are authoritative and are of high quality in nature. Thus use these above tips, if you really want to boost your search engine ranking & your website’s organic traffic significantly.

Manmohan Kumar