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SEO and RSS feeds

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The acronym “RSS” stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. It is a far and wide used format of web feeds for content syndication. It is used to spread news & new posts on a blog. Web users subscribe to RSS feeds for following interesting information from all around the web. RSS feeds comprise the content of the web including news, information, blog posts, audio & video in consistent, different formats to which readers have subscription access.

When the content gets updated, subscribers are then fed up with this updated information, which allows them to have access to recently updated content without visiting the website.

RSS feeds publish information in a standardized XML file format. It is a very excellent way to spread your content to your audience & thus a great tool for SEO.

An RSS feed incorporates a part that describes the major information of the feed, such as website, title & webmaster followed by a list of items. An item can represent a blog post, a news item, an upcoming event, a new vacancy essentially everything you want.

Who will see it & why is it important?

RSS feeds are ideal ways to stay away from the demand for backlinks creation & yet engaged reader with your website content. They also improve your website visibility for search engines by reaching out to the new targeted audience.  It is a very feasible & inexpensive option as compared to other means of media distribution, for instance email newsletters.

Wordpress Hosting

RSS feeds provide easier & quicker access to recently uploaded content for any faithful visitor In terms of speed.

RSS feed offers you important benefits if it is under your control, for instance:

  • Assists subscribers to have easy access to your website and help in maintaining it.
  • Enhance the visibility of your website.
  • Increase the subscription base of your website.
  • Provide your website an easy & affordable promotion medium.
  • Maintain the interest of your faithful subscribers with new content.

Role of RSS Feeds for SEO

RSS feeds are the source of information for your users & thus it can play a fairly significant role for your SEO strategy. These are indexed very quickly by Google & other major search engines which can boost your SEO strategy. All this happens more rapidly as they cache very quickly. That is, you can even optimize them for search engines to produce a pretty excellent amount of traffic having interest in your content. When you build high quality RSS feeds then Google’s crawlers will recognize your site’s new content more easily. Through different linking opportunities, you can use those posts as content to your advantage. You will get noticed by the search engines more easily if you frequently update your website or blog. This will boost the overall visibility of your website’s feeds in the search engines. However, if you don’t update your website frequently then your website will lose the attention of search engine crawlers as they are usually fond of websites that are updated frequently rather than stagnant sites.

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RSS feeds provide viewers with better navigation, the latest information & some SEO value to the website owner. There is undoubtedly no penalty for having RSS feeds on a page. Google encourages high-quality content to be shared as this improves the accessibility of online information as well as user experience.

Overall, RSS feeds are an immense way to improve website’s SEO strategy & can bring it a good amount of traffic that can prove beneficial for your online businesses. As you are present online to make money & RSS is one of the best ways to bring in more businesses. Thus, an effective SEO strategy must give importance to RSS feeds.

Manmohan Kumar