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Proxy Server and SEO

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The importance of SEO can be understood, if you have a website. SEO is everything; because of it people can find websites, trust businesses & buys products. You will be on top of the world, if you have a solid SEO strategy & if you have a weak strategy, you will get covered among the competitors.

As long as other websites are ranking higher than you, you aren’t going to be on the top of your niche. If you don’t know how to charge your SEO campaign, then you can bury among the competition.

Fortunately, once you buy private proxies and unite them with some SEO techniques to hypercharge your campaign then you doesn’t have to keep on losing out to the competition. You will make it to the top without any trouble by taking your competitors out one by one within the shortest time possible.

A Proxy server is an intermediary computer server that sits between a client computer accessing the internet & the destination site that client is trying to access.

SEO experts use Proxy Servers to change or hide their true IP address & protect their privacy. There are a number of reasons behind this:

  • If you access opponent websites many times for research, then your IP address get logged by their web servers. They may become able to trace your activities back to you. Thus to hide your true identity you can route your requests via a Proxy Server.
  • If your organization manages large numbers of social mediaaccounts on behalf of their clients, for example Facebook & Twitter and making countless requests for many different accounts & that too from the same IP address. Then Twitter & Facebook may by chance detect this legitimate activity seeing that you are spamming and thus block you. You can route each of your clients’ social media account and activity via a different Proxy Server that makes it look like normal activity coming from a different IP address.
  • As SEO agencies are inclined to send countless queries to Google, Bing & other Search Engines. If every one of you are on the same office network & doing all that activity from the same IP address, particularly if you are using keyword ranking software, it seems like a potential Denial of Service attack to the Search Engines. The search engine might then block your IP address & prevent you from further searching. To mitigate this problem you can send your queries via different Proxy Servers and speed up your keyword ranking reports.
  • To surf internet as if you are in another country.Many websites, particularly Search Engines, hand out different content depending on your country. They determine them by detecting IP address & look them in a commercial Geo-IP database. Several SEO packages are available that can trick Google to think you’re in another location.

Are there any risks associated with Proxy Servers?

To prevent Google from blocking your IP, the proxies are basically used. If your screen is scuffing SERPs results & going too fast, then you will hit the limit somewhat quickly.


A proxy basically lets you to gather more data. But your computer, network & data will be at an immense security risk as free, open or public Proxy Servers had been created by all varieties of people many with bad objectives. These are being used by thousands of other random companies, a lot of whom are using them for black hat activities with which you could be associated accidentally. Your data will be at high risk of interception when you opened a connection to a highly compromised computer which can unintentionally open a security hole in your organization.

Thus use only private, paid Proxy Servers from a trustworthy & reputable Proxy Service provider. As 99.99% of free Proxy Servers can be very dreadful for your business health & should be avoided at all costs!

Manmohan Kumar