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How To Increase Trust Flow

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What is trust flow?

Trust flow is one of the majestic flow metrics designed to decide how reliable the link is. Based on the Quality of backlinks pointing to the site.High trust flow is the obvious sign of having expert content to Google and other search engines.If there are authoritative, trustworthy backlinks to a site, then the greater is the trust flow.

What is Citation Flow?

Citation Flow is one of the majestic flow metrics developed by majestic Seo, which is weighted by the number citations to a given URL, or Domain.In simple words, Citation flow is something which indicates the influence of your website or a particular web page. If there are more backlinks to your particular page or website then the citation flow increases.

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Golden points to increase flow metrics:

  • Rising trust flow should be the major goal. To keep up the strong ratio, trust flow should be higher. Increasing citation flow is somewhat pointless. Indirectly it means that, quality of backlinks wins over quantity.
  • In 1000 backlinks vs. one authoritative backlink, the authoritative backlink is the clear winner.
  • Guest posting is the best way to get authoritative backlinks. However, visitor posting should be kept to a minimum. The occurrence at which the backlinks are built should be kept to a minimum, particularly if your blog or site is new.
  • You should build links from trustworthy sites within your niche only. Because MajesticSEO also takes account of topical trust scores. You should have a superior trust score in your niche or topic, to be ranked superior in Google.
  • Great internal linking strategies help in increasing the trust flow & citation flow. Strong homepage with high flow metrics can influence the pages linked from the home page. Having backlinks to both the homepage and internal pages boosts flow metrics greatly.
  • Gov and .Edu backlinks carry a more trust score to your site or blog.
  • No-follow links also carry citation flow to some extent, but not trust flow.

If you run a low-trust web site, you’re a sitting duck the next time, then your competitors who feel like putting you out of the top 10 with a few Spammy links.

With that, it’s time to get some trust with important points:

1. On-Page Trust Optimization

  • Link Out to Authority Sites
  • Privacy Policy, Terms
  • Bounces and Blocked Sites
  • References and Sources
  • 2.Size Matters: How to Look Like a Big Brand

  • Branded Domains/Site Name
  • Thorough About Us Page
  • Active Social Media Accounts
  • Site Name=Keyword
  • Brand Name Anchor Text
  • 3.Trustworthy Domain Info

  • Register your domain for 2+ Years
  • Make it public
  • Put whois info on your contact us page

4.Trusted Links

5.Google News Site Backlinks

Increase Trust Flow quickly for any website:

  • Having dofollow links in a good Domain Authority website increases the trust flow.
  • Having backlinks in .gov and .edu will carry a more trust score of your website.
  • Internal Linking or inbound linking of your website also increases the trust flow and citation flow score.
  • Sharing the content of social media websites will increase the trust flow because social media sites have a higher domain authority score.
  • Guest blogging on the trustworthy website will raise the trust flow score if you can get a backlink from the guest post.
  • Participate actively in top notch forums which provides you dofollow links to your website. This will help you to increase both trust flow. Check out Complete list of Dofollow forums for more details.

Trust flow and citation flow ratio

The ratio between the above two metrics matters a lot in shaping the general confidence of the site.
If a site has a citation flow of 40 and trust flow of 20 then the ratio is 2:1 or 0.5. The maximum ratio possible most of the times is 0.9. However, Google is an exclusion, it has the ratio of 98:99.
Approaching to the ratio of 1 is satisfying. Average trust to citation flow ratio should be 0.50. More the authority and trustworthy the site, the ratio is superior.If the trust flow is very much lesser than the citation flow, then it is clear that the site is having low-quality large amount of backlinks.Quality backlinks among the tons of backlinks is higher in case of authoritative sites.

Gaining quality backlinks is the only way to be ranked higher in Google.

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The Benefits of getting high Trust Flow backlinks

Trust flow has been confirmed to be one of the main ideal single metrics to measure website standard, presentation and significance in a way that can be linked to search engine ranking. In other words, actions that recovered your trust flow will also improve your search engine ranking, more reliably than action that better metrics like invalid PageRank or the Domain Authority.You can use trust flow to support you recover from a backlink penalty. Both trust flow & topical trust flow are vital here. Both, when low, mean the links are top doing nothing for you. At worst, they are actively damaging you. First, run your website through Majestic to obtain an analysis of your links. Second, find any link that is unrelated according to topical trust flow and any link that has a low sub-10. Third, follow a usual process of your selection for deleting those links.

Manmohan Kumar