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How Mobile Technology Impact on your Business (your product)

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The time has been gone when mobile is used only for small communication or texts. Now mobile has been entered in multinational world, where its demand rising day by day. The demand for access of business or product related information is now consumer’s preference and this demand possibly can be fulfill through a hand set that is mobile. With the massive growth of adoption of these technologies businessman can see now huge growth of their business. The integration of mobile devices such as laptops, tablet computers and smartphone make it easier to enhance business and its productivity. It makes easy for workers to communicate with staff, employees and vendors when needed.

Every day businesses are learning how mobile technology can be use to enhance their business and their productivity and lead to increased profitability. Below are some of the key areas where mobile technology can be useful.


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Mobile technology allows companies to communicate with workers, employees, customers and vendors in an unprecedented level. Workers can download applications on their mobile devices and allow them to connect with social media through facebook, twitter, skype and enhance communication level with the audience in a variety of ways. Interacting with colleagues, sending and receiving e-mails, and files can be downloading while travelling and stay keep in touch with the clients. Employees can access data to complete their online actions. Hence by this way you can run your business more effectively if you are out door.


Mobile technology has introduced a new attributes into marketing and advertising for business worldwide. Customers now can see business advertisement through mobile technologies including: text messages, mobile websites, banner ads and more. Marketing is made more effective by this customization because most customers always have a mobile device.


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Banks and other financial centers allow their customers to check their account summary. They can check bank balances, transactions and bill payments. Merchants accept orders from clients electrically via mobile technology through mobile websites or apps. Tickets can be booked and cancelled using mobile technology. Mobile technology can also be used for the distribution of vouchers and coupons. It can be used in brand promotion of a firm.

Growth of business

All business starts with the clear strategies of growth. Expanding business to the other countries require a strategy that led to the productivity. This is where mobile technology comes in. It allows instant access of data to the client at distant location.
Mobile technology provides the benefits of doing work anywhere. This increases productivity, employees stay connected all the time. Thus increases worker availability and generation of work. The impact of mobile technology has been felt across all domains of business.

Manmohan Kumar