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Effective Tips To Write SEO Friendly Organic Content

OM Expert,

One of the biggest challenges for most of the content writer or blogger is writing an SEO friendly post that could appeal the audience or generate traffic. The aim here is to get better ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). You have created a post which appealing and awesome, but the problem is that your post is not listed on Google. You are confident that you have written an incredible, but you don’t know what went wrong and where you making the mistake, right?

This article will guide you to how to write SEO friendly post:

Find the Keyword

There are different keyword analyzer tools available for you that will assist you in choosing an appropriate keyword for your blog title. Keyword analyzer tools such as Semrush offers you an appropriate data of traffic each keyword generating, and which keyword is the right for your blog post.

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Write SEO Friendly Post Titles

The primary thing that you should do is to make SEO friendly post title. Try to comprehend, your content might be valuable, but your headline is ordinary. Many individuals outsource or hire professional SEO experts that helps you generate SEO friendly titles, grab visitors attention and persuade them to click on your site.

Content is the King

Keep in mind that a well structured knowledgeable content always rank higher. If the post is showing up at the first page in SERP, then there could be a reason to it. Always check twice your content and think before you write. Just ask a simple question to yourself – is this compelling article comparing to others?

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Make Your Images SEO Friendly

You might have included videos or images in your blog posts, lets make them SEO friendly too by including alt and description text into it. Many users search for videos and images in Google, so with the help of dedicated SEO experts you can drive traffic to your website from Google video ro images search also.

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Add Keywords to Meta Description

Meta description is a like a summary about your article that provides visitors a small essence to your writing. Ensure you include relevant keyword in your Meta description before publishing.
Optimizing posts for Search Engine Optimization is not an easy task. Google keeps on updating its algorithm to give better results to users. Don’t go for any unfair measure to gain more traffic as Google will penalize you.

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