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If You Are a Content Hoarder it’s Time for a Blog Clean-up

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When previously you gone through your blog & looked at your outdated or old blog posts? If you look some years’ worth of content in your blog, it’s maybe time for a blog clean-up and review especially if you are in the digital marketing business or any other business that changes repeatedly.

Harm In Maintaining Under-Performing Outdated Content Or Blog Posts Alive On Your Website:

These days, quality and high-performing content are more vital than ever to your website organic rankings. Upholding low-quality or old content may lead to fewer clicks or higher bounce rates and these aspects might hurt your website overall authority with Google.
Moreover, both users and Google prefer the latest content, particularly when it comes to blog content and news. That is possibly the reason why Google often shows your blog posts date formed in the SERPs.
If people notice that your blog post regarding Google’s latest update algorithm is three years old, they will probably suppose the information is obsolete. If it shows in Google search results, then Google knows very well whether or not somebody clicks on your link. But if people do not click, ultimately Google might suppose that the content is not good, and your web page will probably drop in rankings.
Blog Posts Alive On Your Website:

How Can You Get Rid Of, Revise or Redirect Content?

Firstly, take a look at the whole posts on your website. After that check analytics to identify how many of those posts have gotten at least single organic visit within the last three months. If your blog post is not getting a single visit in that time period, then probably that post is either an outdated or old post or the one that is average in quality and must possibly be removed, rewritten or redirected.

Less is sometimes more:

In the course of recent years, many businesses have been pushed for composing as many blogs as they are able to post. That thrust led to the flood of the latest content on the net- with lots of that content being lower in quality. Most of the people thought only about the quantity of the content and not the quality.
In the end, new content ultimately becomes old content but still, you have to post the latest content. Except in several cases, you might be in an ideal situation improving an existing blog post than publishing another one.
And keep in mind, it is better to post less blog and ensure that the content written by you is of high-quality and related to what your website visitors are looking for. Publishing fewer blog posts of high-quality is much better than, a ton of average content.

How You Can Improve Your Old Content:

If you find that you have lots of outdated or old content that is not either changed or is not ranking as high like you want it to, you can also delete the content or update it and do 301 redirect to the latest content that is doing better. Here are several tips:

  • First of all, you should check out your competitors. Looking at high-ranking competitors might give you easy and simple ideas about how to improve your content.
  • Ensure that the structure of SEO strategies and the content used right through the blog post are strong.
  • If your web page is already positioned on high rank in SERPs but is falling just shortage of the top page then you might be able to increase your page rankings by the content improvements.
  • As you know the things on the internet world change practically every day, so make sure to update images and screenshots to reflect the present day.
  • By looking at the questions and comments in the old blog comments section, you can often find information that might have been absent from original blog post. If a point was discussed or a good query was asked in comment section then add that information to your blog when you modify the blog post.
  • Once you have revised or updated your old content then keep in mind to change the date of publishing. You can do it in Word Press.
  • Give the common people on your email to know about your recently refreshed content. Make certain to emphasize the latest content in the blog post and the advantages individuals will get from your post after reading it.

If you evaluate the above points up front then you can compose a better content to begin with.

Manmohan Kumar