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Why Use Google AdSense to Monetise Your Online Contents?

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Google AdSense is an online advertising program for website publisher to monetize their online contents without spending anything from their pocket. AdSense is Google’s way to provide companies venues for their advertisements.
There are many exclusive features in AdSense which attract website publishers to join AdSense program so that they can easily make money from their online contents.

Display More Relevant Ads

The best part of using Google AdSense is that you will see the relevant ads targeted to the content of your pages and AdSense for search queries on your site. In other words, if your site is related to business world then AdSense will show the Ads which are relevant for business person with automatic targeting as showing any ads which are not related to your webpage contents will distract your site visitors and badly impact on their opinion about the quality of your site contents.

No Need to Contact Advertisers

Google AdSense has a huge number of Advertisers so you do not need to get advertisers for your site contents. Google AdSense will automatically handle all advertisers & certified them for showing Ads on your webpage. Thus, you don’t have to bother about contacting, and managing the relationship with advertisers.

Unlimited Earnings

Your earnings will be unlimited or fixed on a weekly or monthly basis if you will use AdSense to monetize your sites. Unique quality contents, regular posts and understanding your users demand are the only keys to increase your AdSense earnings.

Features to Allow and Block Ads

You can see all individual Ads which are currently active on your site on to the Ads (Ad Review Center) on your Google AdSense account. In the Ads Center there is an option to block any particular Ads from appearing onto your website. You can also block Ads by category wise viz. General and/or Sensitive category or you may block ads leading to specific URLs. You may also block any advertiser from Google certified ad networks from advertising on your website.

Various Supported Ad Sizes

You can create lots of supported AdSense Ad Unit sizes as it fits to your webpage’s spaces for advertisement. You may also create the Ad Unit of any size which you want to be the best fit for your site using Custom sized ad units apart from recommended and standard Ad sizes. With this facility you will be able to create 434,216 new ad unit sizes which will give you more flexibility and enable you to better design your content for your site visitors.

Various Supported Ad Types

AdSense supports these top Ad types e.g. Image, Flash, Rich Media, Text and Animated Image and so on for displaying ads on your sites. These all are grouped into three categories viz. Text and Display Ads, Text Ads only and Display Ads only.

Various Supported Language

Google AdSense supports 36 different languages, thus you may use Google AdSense to monetize your site contents if your site language is one amongst them. Google AdSense will show relevant ads to your website in appropriate language even if your site contains multiple languages.

Performance Reports

You can see a dynamic AdSense earning report, which can be understood easily. You may also customize your earnings reports in various ways to analyze which Ad format or Ad Unit is performing well in which platform and country.

Google Search and Page Rank

If your site has a good Page Ranking, Google will understand your Webpage contents more accurately to deliver relevant ads to your site. In addition, AdSense also uses the interest of your site visitors with the help of Google Search and thus, if your website gets audience from organic search results then it also boost your AdSense earnings.

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Users Ad Choice

Google AdSense also allows your site visitors to choose their preferred Ad types so that AdSense can deliver only relevant ads which are demanded by your site visitors.

Placement-targeted Advertisements

Google Certified Networks that is advertisers may bid or target for any particular Ad Space on your website. That is why AdSense allow their publishers to create Custom Channels for any Ad Units so that advertiser may target that custom unit and bid more to appear on your site.

A/B Testing Feature

AdSense allowed unique feature of A/B Testing. It helps to run A/B testing for your Ad units to compare Ad performance by configuring your ad settings such as change the Ad colors and Ad types etc.

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Apart from the these features Google AdSense uses automatic filtering technology & an editorial team for manual action to generate a robust set of filters that are right for you & your site’s contents. You need not require any expert knowledge for implementing AdSense to your website. You just have to create an Ad Unit, copy the code & paste it to anywhere on your site where you want to display your Ads.

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