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How To Earn Money From Google AdSense With Your Blog

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Setting Up a Google AdSense Account

Making a new account with Google AdSense is one of the simplest ways to begin monetizing your blog. While Google AdSense might not make you wealthy and rich, it’s a useful and simple tool. Indeed, it’s actually the foremost step bloggers typically take to make an income from their blogs or websites because it is so simple and easy to begin with.

Here’s How:

Read the Google AdSense program policies:

Bring yourself in the light with what you can and cannot do as part of the Google AdSese program to make sure you are geared up to start your new account.

Visit the Google AdSense home page:

Just click on the Sign Up Now button available on the screen with three sections to read – Benefits, Success Stories and Resources.

Complete the online application:

You will have to provide details including primary language, blog’s URL and also need to answer some questions that are related to the rules of the Google AdSense program. You will also have to provide your payment details to get the money you generate on your blog from Google.

Access your new account and review the ads available to you:

Google AdSense gives a different ways of promoting options to bloggers from image ads to text ads and more. Take your time to research everything that’s available to find out what will work best for your blog.

Select your ad design choices:

Once you have found which advertising opening are the best for your website or blog, simply select them. Google will provide a piece of HTML code to you after you make your determination.

Insert your Google AdSense HTML code into your blog:

Now copy and paste the HTML code given by Google into your blog’s template. One of the simplest ways for a newbie blogger to do this by inserting a text widget into his or her website or blog’s template and pasting that HTML code in the widget.

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Let Google do the rest:

It might take a few hours or a few days for Google to being serving ads on your blog. Google will seek your blog to decide the predominant subjects of each page. When users visit you website or blog, the HTML code you pasted before into your blog from Google will activate and relevant advertisements will be displayed based on the pages of the website or blog.

Collect your money:

One thing to remember here is that Google AdSense typically pays based on cost per click that is the number of individuals click on an ad. So, Google AdSense is unlikely to produce a large income for you, every bit helps!

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Tips When Setting Up Your Account:

Read and stick to the Google AdSense policies in full before you register for a Google AdSense account. If you violate any of the policies, your AdSense account will be cancelled.
Take your time to perfect your Google AdSense program once you begin by reading and learning the steps you have to take to enhance your Google AdSense earning potential.

Manmohan Kumar